More That You Ever Wanted to Know About Polymer Clay

More That You Ever Wanted to Know About Polymer Clay

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It's cured by baking in an oven at a low temperature. It's a great material to make beads, jewelry, sculptures... all kinds of arts and craft items.

Polymer clay is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizer, binders, fillers, colors, and lubricants. When cured, the PVC particles soften and dissolve into the plasticizer, creating a fused mass. The longer it bakes, the more complete the fusion... and the stronger the result.

Polymer clay is not the same thing as ceramic or earthenware clay. Those are basically mud (very nice, uniform mud). Even though polymer clay is a synthetic clay, some of the same minerals that are in pottery clay are also used as fillers and binders in polymer clay.

Health and safety

While it is fine to use a polymer clay vase with water for flowers, due to the testing requirements and regulations, polymer clay products are NOT RECOMMENDED or intended to be used for food or beverages.

Any polymer clay candle holders should be used with battery operated/ electric candles and not be exposed to an open flame.

Care of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is very durable and tough to break (it actually bends), but—like many things in life—it still has limits. Properly cared for, your wearable art and accessories will last you for years.

Please do not store your pieces in your purse or the bottom of a tote or hand bag I do. Don’t be me.

If makeup gets on your piece, you can gently use some makeup remover to clean the surface.

It is possible for the polymers to be... disturbed (that's is so NOT the correct scientific term) if your pieces get too hot so, unless you are running a science experiment, I don’t recommend leaving them in the sun on your dashboard for long periods of time, blasting them with a heat gun, or throwing them into a volcano (exceptions allowed for appeasing gods).

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