My Favorite Things: Home Edition

My Favorite Things: Home Edition

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For My Desk...

I am notorious for letting my coffee get cold (and misplacing my coffee cup and blaming it on my imaginary co-worker). This Smart Coffee Warmer is a lifesaver. Assuming I don't wander off with my coffee and leave it on a windowsill...

Do you also live with ADHD? I struggle with time blindness and find two time-related things helpful:

  1. This Visual Timer turns the passing of time into a visual image, making it feel more real.
  2. My little ADHD brain needs clocks everywhere (I have 2-3 per room) and I'm in love with this small, stylish Battery Operated Clock.

Technically this Plastic Organizer Drawer is made for storing makeup, but a trio of them work fantastically as stylish stacked storage (say that three times fast) on my desktop.

For product creation and filming it for social media, I cannot live without my Self Healing Cutting Mat or Selfie Stick/ Phone Tripod.

tl;dr version

For My Body...

All the best work from home -or in my studio- comfort!

Health & Household

Unfortunately, I have quite a few medical needs, but these items make it all a little better! And who doesn't want a good neck massager???

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I will only recommend items I have experience with or that you have requested. Your mileage may vary, but anything listed is something I can heartily recommend. Still, please let me know if a recommended item turns into a MAJOR dud for you!

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