In this crazy-busy & impersonal world of mass produced gifts, I believe in thoughtful, slow, and handmade.


small batch,
Handmade Gifts

I design & create products for people like you who want to feel the warm & fuzzy vibes that come with owning or gifting handmade goods.

You enjoy surrounding yourself with bespoke objects that bring a little joy into “the everyday.”

By snagging my handmade treasures, you're not just buying art – you're keeping the creative spirit alive & becoming part of my artistic family.

  • "Five Stars!"


  • A photo of polymer clay animal Christmas ornaments: a bat, a blue octopus, a cat, a raccoon, and an alpaca, each with a tiny red Santa hat.
  • "My roomies finally opened their ornaments and loved them. I am so in love with my lil raccoon, Emma is obsessed with the bat fangs, and Arjun agrees sparkly blue was the only correct color for his octopus."

    Emily J-E

  • Christmas ornaments coming back starting October 2023

the Artist

anglophile, jeopardy fan, lover of game nights (rummikub anyone?), infp, history junkie

My eclectic gift boutique came as a natural extension of my exploration as an artist and my desire to bring people JOY.

I believe everyone deserves to have thoughtful, handmade items that can be enjoyed every day. I value you being on this journey with me as I continue to grow as an artist and jeweler.

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a Reminder

All are welcome.⁠ All are valued.⁠ All are equal.⁠

I pledge to stand up for women, children, the LGBTQ community, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous lives and put my business’ money where my values are.⁠

⁠5% of my profits are donated to various civil rights & social justice organizations.